the fastest t shirt printing in brisbane

the fastest tshirt printing in brisbane

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t-shirt printing

T-shirt printing has become a popular undertaking. It is where, with utilization of modern technology, one can produce t-shirt bearing an image, design or letters on it. Printing is normally done on a textile garment giving the printer a design which is required. In this article we will explore the concept of t-shirt printing, look at how it has developed over time. The article will also focus on what T-shirt Printing Brisbane does and how to run the process of t-shirt printing and delivery.

How it Works

Getting your unique, printed T-shirt is as easier than a breeze. Our print experts are more than happy to guide you through the process but here’s the breakdown just in case:



Select one of our Next Level or Classic t shirts for adults, children or babies


Upload your own design as a png, jpg or eps file to our online design program. Play around with the position and scale until you hit the sweet spot. 


Place your order and we will print your custom t shirt and ship it direct to you within 3 days.

history of t-shirts

T-shirts have become part of our modern life. They are an iconic staple of fashion and culture but very few people understand their history. Their history is rather short and simple. However, it has led to massive changes in the world of fashion such that it should be told and embraced often than it is normally held. Did you know that there is a connection between t-shirts and military? This is how they are connected. During the First World War, these garments were used as undergarments, won under the military suit or uniform. Soldiers and sailors would wear nothing but shirts and trousers when they in the field on hot or dirty work days. As a standalone, the garment came to gain popularity during the war.

Design Your Own

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history of t-shirt printing

Textile printing is a concept that is important in t-shirt printing. It is in itself older, which dates way back to 3rd century in China relying heavily on a carved wood block dipped in ink and pressed on the fabric. This technique was referred to as woodblock printing. Later developments in the field were also labor intensive techniques which were discovered during the Renaissance and Industrial Revolution periods. The modern era of t-shirt printing is thought to have started in the 1950s with a number of companies in Miami United States starting to decorate t-shirts denoting names of local tourist attractions and resorts. Screen printing is the method that was used for t-shirt printing which was discovered around this period. There were changes when a new stretchy ink made it possible to provide a variety of designs and letter styles. Later, water based and plastisol ink became the dominant ink for screen printing and coating. It was in 1960s that the use of printed t-shirts became mainstream. It became a garment worn by different demographics. And it is as a tool for promoting products to fashion attire. They became an extension of personality, more so due to prints on the garment. They started being considered as a means through which people expressed their expressions, such as their political and social views, advocating for causes or basically as a way to amuse the onlookers.

history of digital t-shirt printing

Although digital inkjet technology dates way back in 1960s, it was not until 1990s that it became widely available. This technology came to revolutionize the printing industry. Before, what we had were small prints being run on litho machines, equipment which were highly expensive but inefficient. With this technology, it is not possible to handle all the tasks and also print in a wide range of fabrics.


famous t-shirt designs

With the T-shirts becoming a household item, there are a number of designs that have come and go. Some are still popular even in the era of digital T-shirt printing. Some of these are:

I love New York

The t-shirt design was first designed in 1977 as a tourism promotion tool and up to now, it has been going strong, often used for marketing campaigns. With the nine eleven terrorist attack, the design was particularly popular as many visitors and locals wore it in show of solidarity with the people who were affected by the unfortunate attacks.

Rolling stone tongue

This is a famous T-shirt design that was used in the 1970s by the Rolling Stones, symbolizing Mick pout and tongue gesture. It immediately became an official garment for all the rock fans all over the world. It is still popular today with most of the stone fans donning it up-to-date.

Frankie says Relax

This one goes way back to 1984 when BBC banned one of the Frankie’s songs Relax. The reason given for this ban was that the song was too explicit to be aired. To the astonishment of many, the records sales shot and the fans wore the T-shirt in solidarity with the band.

Choose life

A design of Katherine Hamnet, this was one of the biggest wears in the 1980s. It was selected to promote one of the Wham’s hit single “Wake me up before you go”. It recorded very good sales especially when the song video premiered in the market. Up to now, you will see it in the stores. It has remained popular for such a long time especially among the soul music fans.

The smiley face

This t-shirt design is among some of the oldest. It was designed more than fifty years ago as an insurance company logo, mainly to encourage the employees to smile more. It was in the 1970s that it was registered for a commercial use and when it hit the market it recorded great sales.

Other designs include: I’m with stupid, Mickey Mouse, Stuccy, Superman, Hardrock Cafe, Keep Calm, Che Guevara, Vote for Pedro, Tuxedo Tee and many others. These are some of the t-shirt printing designs that you can adopt. With several digital printing companies offering these services with T-shirt printing, Brisbane being the top in Australia, you will surely get a classic design that meets your needs and taste.

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reasons to choose t shirt printing brisbane

Quick Turnaround

With a 3-day delivery on all our products, you can get your printed T-shirts delivered straight to your door in no time.

cutting-edge technology

All of our T-shirts are printed with the Kornit Digital T-shirt printing machines to guarantee unrivalled quality. Learn more about the state-of-the-art technology here.

no minimum order

Fancy a one-off printed T-shirt? No worries: we specialize in small T-shirt printing runs. No job is too small for us!

satisfaction guarantee

We take pride in our work and we are sure you’ll fall in love with your printed T-shirt. If not, T-Shirt Printing Brisbane will reprint it for free or reimburse you.

cheap shipping

Get your printed T-shirt delivered to your door for as little as $10 flat shipping across Australia, and $15 for international shipping.

affordable prices

We love printing and want to make T-shirting printing more widely available in Brisbane. That’s why our printing services start at as low as $10!

about the kornit digital t-shirt printing machines

When you are carrying out digital printing, you have to ensure that the best equipment is used. This ensures quality printing as well as efficiency in the whole process. When it comes to efficient digital printing, one cannot talk about quality printing and fail to mention one of the main industry players, Kornit digital printing machines. This is one printer that has stood out in the digital T-shirt printing Kornit, as a manufacturer and marketer of the industrial printing machines, is the leader in this industry. Its innovative printing technologies have allowed fabric printers to succeed in web to print, mass customization and on demand digital printing concepts. The machines provide a complete line of direct printing solutions, ranging from mass production and commercial levels. With the Kornit printing machine, the direct to fabric methods have been revolutionized. The company which was founded in 2002 has been very instrumental in revolutionizing the digital T-shirt printing. Its unique technologies and leading solutions have been very fundamental in fulfilling the emerging trends of online customized orders, personalization and sustainability. Kornit printing machines have been offering digital T-shirts printers, a typical capacity to produce high quality t-shirts, engage in high production and do it perfectly within the targeted market. Its superior solutions have allowed printing with one ink set on different types of fabrics without the need for more finishing process. This makes the process easy for digital t-shirt printers.

T-shirt printing Brisbane has been using the Kornit Digital printing machines, allowing the company to meet the customer needs efficiently. Use of the best printing machines in the market has also helped T-shirt printing Brisbane in providing quality products and also achieve a short turnaround period. The journey has been long but exciting. We have come all the way from the time when the t-shirts we wear are only considered inner garments. Now, you can wear them as part of fashion without raising eyebrows. Today, with technological advancement, you can design your own T-shirt. And one place that this can be done easily and conveniently is at T-Shirt Printing Brisbane. In the platform, you will select a product from the catalogues that are stocked, upload the design, a photo and logo and with such, you can bring to life the kind of t-shirt that you need. .

how digital t-shirt printing is done

At T-shirt printing Brisbane, you are assured of getting unique t-shirt printed. The print experts will guide you through the process although you have an option of following the breakdown and design own t-shirt. The process starts with the selection of the Next Level or the classic t-shirts classified as for adults, children or babies. Once you have selected, you can embark on one of the most important processes, the design. Here you have an option of uploading your own design. This can be in form of png, jpg or an eps file. This is done on the T-shirt printing Brisbane online design program. With the design program, you can play around until such point when you hit what meet your needs. Once you have designed your custom t-shirt, you can make an order and the garment will be printed and shipped to you within three days.

Some of the reasons that make T-shirt printing Brisbane one of the go-to digital t-shirt printing companies are: the quick turnaround where the product can be delivered within three days of order, and this is done right at your door stop. Also the company has special orders which can be designed and shipped within one day. If you require urgent printing, you only indicate and send the required details; the job will be prioritized and delivered to you as soon as possible. The company uses cutting edge technology, precisely the Kornit Digital T-shirt printing machines, which is actually the best in the market. With this type of technology, customers can be assured of unrivalled quality. Customers ordering for custom digital printing are not tied down to minimums or maximums. You can print the number of t-shirts that you want, and there’s no minimum order. With this t-shirt printing company, no job is too small or too big to handle.

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unrivaled shipping costs

T-shirt printing Brisbane promises its customers that it will always meet their expectation with most of the cases surpassing them. The company takes pride in this promise as customers have been appreciating the products, services and even the quality that they have been offered. The company guarantees that those who are not satisfied will have the job redone until they are fully contented with the delivery.

When it comes to shipping, the company has one of the cheapest. Customers get their delivery right at their doorstep for as little as $10 flat shipping in all locations within Australia. For those who are outside the country, the rate that is charged by the company is competitive. In fact, one of the lowest price rate that a customer will get anywhere, is at $15. And with this you are assured of getting your t-shirt anywhere in the world.

affordable t-shirt printing

Affordability is another aspect that makes the services and products of T-shirt printing Brisbane popular among the lovers of custom designed t-shirts. The company aims at making T-shirt printing more widely available, not just in Brisbane but across all corners of the world. One way of ensuring this is through offering the service at an affordable price, for as low as $ 10, you can get a printed t-shirt. This is a price that cannot be obtained anywhere else. The love for printing exhibited by the company aims at making it reach all those who would like to design their own t-shirts. It aims at removing the barriers, allowing people to wear favourite t-shirt designs at an affordable cost.

Long lasting prints

The quality of the prints is a key determinant of how long they can last. T-shirt printing Brisbane is very serious on matters of quality. It has done everything to ensure that the prints last long. You will see your prints lasting between two to three years, a period that is longer than what ordinary prints lasts. With such a long period, you will enjoy wearing your own designed t-shirt.

stocked brands

T-shirt printing Brisbane stocks a variety of brands, this gives the customers a wide range of choice, some of the brands include: Next Level and Stedman which are 100% cotton.

T-shirt printing Brisbane is the leading provider of t-shirt printing services. The platform allows you to design your own t-shirt. The highly trained and experienced team of printers will work hard to ensure that you get what you want when needed. After ordering in a simple and straight forward process, the order will be printed and reach you within two to three days.

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